In the summer of 2006, a group of Assyrians went to Turabdin in Southeastern Turkey on a trip in which they intended to reconnect with their roots and origins. However, the journey showed them a more upsetting reality than they had expected.

To witness the tragedy and misery that was, and still is, the everyday life of the Assyrians in their countries of origin – with economic, social and physical oppression in the form of threats and violence – left a lasting impression, and gave rise to what was to become Assyrians Without Borders.

Assyrians Without Borders has been granted a 90-Account by SIK, the Swedish Fundraising Control agency. A 90-Account is a guarantee for you as a donor that funds are always spent in a regulated manner for the purpose they are intended for.

Our core values are based on the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The foundation of our values is based on the conviction that all people have equal rights, as well as highlighting children and their special rights, and that everyone has a responsibility to ensure these are met.

Assyrians (also called Syriacs and Chaldeans) are currently a vulnerable ethnic group in the Middle East that is subjected to daily abuse, violence, armed conflict and discrimination. Our work is to help Assyrians in their countries of origin (Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and Iran) live a safer and more favorable existence.

Transparency about our organization’s finances and operations is crucial to us. All aid efforts are subject to stringent quality control and if applicable, are documented directly on site, as it is of utter importance to us to maintain a strong internal control.

Read our Bylaws.

Bylaws (pdf)

Formation of the board

The board is responsible for any decision making in regards to matters relating to Assyrians Without Borders’ activities, including project management and coordination, cooperation with other organizations and companies, scholarship distribution, fundraising and other matters.

The board is formed by the Nomination Committee, which is responsible for selecting potential candidates when it is time to elect a new board. Decisions are made at the annual meeting and the term of office is 2 years. Selection criteria when choosing a board are experience, competence, a desire to improve the organization and, above all, a desire to improve the lives of Assyrians in their countries of origin. The board convenes at least four times per year.

Assyrians Without Borders’ current board was elected at the annual meeting in May 2019. The next term of office starts in the Spring of 2021.

Ferit Rhawi started volunteering for Assyrians Without Borders in 2015 in the marketing group. In the same year, he traveled to Iraq with other representatives from Assyrians Without Borders and got a close look at how children, women and the elderly lived in difficult conditions in the refugee camps. Ferit was elected to the Board of Trustees in 2017 and is currently serving as President.

Ferit holds a teaching degree with an intercultural profile from Södertörn University and has also studied religious studies at Uppsala University. After completing his education, Ferit started working as a student and teacher assistant at IT-Gymansiet in Flemingsberg. Today, Ferit works as a teacher at Elafskolan in Södertälje.

Romiana Bikasha began volunteering with Assyrians Without Borders in 2015, in both the project and marketing groups. In 2017, Romiana was elected to the Board of Trustees as Secretary, and in 2019 as Vice President. She is also responsible for projects in Iraq.

Romiana holds a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Geography & World Analysis and currently works as a strategist on the Hyresgästföreningens youth initiative.

Anna Laine has been active in the Syriac Orthodox Youth League and held the position of secretary there. Her areas of interest are human rights, history and administration.

Anna is currently working in finance. Previously she has worked in management, pedagogy and service. Anna’s education consists of Political Science, History, Pedagogy and Administration.

Sandra Youssef was elected to the Board of Trustees in 2019. She has been active in Assyrians Without Borders since 2018, when she served as a support for the financial division of Assyrians Without Borders.

Sandra holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration since 2016 and began her career as a financial assistant at Munters Europe AB. She currently works as a Group Controller.

Zalgai Aho has been active in Assyrians Without Borders since 2015 and is currently responsible for the scholarships and projects in Syria. She was elected to the Board of Trustees as an alternate in 2017 and as a board member in 2019.

Zalgai holds a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design & Tailoring from ESMOD International. She worked as a designer in the United States and since moving to Sweden has worked as a teacher. Zalgai previously worked at Elafskolan in Södertälje and currently works at Maria Elementary School in Stockholm.

Ninos BethZazi began his involvement in the Assyrians Without Borders’ Scholarship Committee in 2016. In 2019, he was elected as an alternate board member.

He holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Economics from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He is currently works as a Management Consultant at Knowit.

Jenifer Yousef started volunteering with Assyrians Without Borders in 2017 and in 2019 was elected to the Board as an alternate. She has previous experience in volunteering from India, South Africa, Greece and Uganda.

Jenifer graduated as a pharmacist from the University of Gothenburg and currently works at the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca in Södertälje.

Other coworkers

Ferit Rhawi, 

IT Support:
Luke Örun,

Romiana Bikasha, (Irak)
Zalgai Aho, (Syrien/Libanon)
Ferit Rhawi, (Turkiet)

Marketing and Communication:
Ferit Rhawi,

Zalgai Aho och Ninos Bethzazi,

Advisory Commitee

Gabriel Baryawno,
Lenard Yako,

Nomination Committee

Ninos Oussi
Nimrod Badur
Nohadra Heido