The war in Syria has been on-going for several years with many foreign and domestic forces, and has made the daily lives of Assyrians arduous. Many of us have read about the horrible circumstances on the news, or heard from friends, family or acquaintances about how their lives in Syria have changed for the worse. This is a situation that cannot be left as it is.

Assyrians Without Borders has two main objectives; one is to assist the Assyrians in their countries of origin to get to the place they are entitled to in the community, and to survive despite the systematic violence they face and the unacceptable emigration they are forced into, as well as being an organization that makes a difference to the Assyrians in a long-term, effective way.

Since 2013, our organization has contributed to the construction of three wells and installed a generator that has the capacity to provide electricity to one hundred households. Donations were used to purchase new heating units, for the distribution of winter clothing for children as well as distribution of basic health and hygiene items to thousands of families in Syria.

In 2015, we contributed food and hygiene items to thousands of families who were forced to flee their homes along the Khabour river.
Furthermore, in 2017 we distributed school materials as well as Christmas gifts to children in Qamishli.