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There is a lot you can do to show your support. You can become a member and influence the design of your business yourself. You can engage as a volunteer and feel the satisfaction of doing something meaningful. You can also support our fundraisers, either through regular grants such as monthly donors, occasional gifts, holiday gifts or by becoming a business friend. Your gifts go to our purpose in the form of, for example, medicine, heaters, electricity, water, development and education.

Together we can help the vulnerable Assyrians in their countries of origin (Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Lebanon) to help themselves!

Assyrians Without Borders ensures that help arrives

Assyrians Without Borders are affiliated to Swedish Collection Control, which regularly reviews the operations and verifies that Assyrians Without Borders uses the grants correctly. Hence, Assyria Without Borders has since 2007 a so-called. 90 account. A 90 account is a guarantee for you as a donor that your contribution goes to the organization’s purpose. At least 75% of the grants we collect go directly to the cause. Today, there are about 300 organizations in Sweden that have been granted a 90 account. Among them are, for example, the Red Cross, Save the Children and UNICEF. Owning a 90 account involves great demands with constant control of the business and the company’s finances.

Swish (only possible in Sweden)

Make a donation via Swish to: 123 900 12 15

*Please note that we cannot accept personalized messages or handle celebratory or memorial gifts through Swish. All contributions sent through Swish will be handled as a regular donation.

Paypal or credit/debit card

Click on button below to donate through PayPal*.

* Please note that payments through PayPal incur administrative fees, which means that the full amount of your donation will not reach Assyrians Without Borders.


Bankgiro 900-1215
Plusgiro 90 01 21-5

IBAN SE65 9500 0099 6018 0900 1215.

Nordea Bank AB
SE-105 71 Stockholm

Payment forms can be found at the post office or your bank, or you can donate online via internet banking.

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