One of Assyrians Without Borders’ goals is to provide young Assyrians with the right tools to improve their own living situations in the country in which they reside. One of these tools we offer is the distribution of scholarships, once per semester.

Assyrians Without Borders scholarships are available to university students in Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

To learn more about our scholarships and how to apply, download the following documents (in English)

Scholarship Application

NOTE: Currently, there are bank sanctions against Syria and Iran, which makes it impossible to distribute scholarships to university students in these countries. We will notify you as soon as the situation changes.

Swish (only possible in Sweden)

Make a donation via Swish to: 123 900 12 15 *Please note that we cannot accept personalized messages or handle celebratory or memorial gifts through Swish. All contributions sent through Swish will be handled as a regular donation.

Paypal or credit/debit card

Click on button below to donate through PayPal*. * Please note that payments through PayPal incur administrative fees, which means that the full amount of your donation will not reach Assyrians Without Borders.


Bankgiro 900-1215 Plusgiro 90 01 21-5 Payment forms can be found at the post office or your bank, or you can donate online via internet banking.

Via text

Text ”AUG” along with the amount you wish to donate to number 72970. For example: ”AUG 50” to donate 50 SEK. You can donate the following amounts: 50, 100, 200, and 500*. * Donations through texts may be handled differently by your cell provider. Contact them for further information.