Corporate Giving

Assyrians Without Borders is largely dependent on contributions from the private sector. By making a donation, you and your company provide the means to help us to help more Assyrians in their countries of origin, making their lives better every day. Together we can help Assyrians in need and make a difference.

There are several donation options for you to choose from, here you will find the one that suits your company best.


Since 2006, Sweden has afforded companies the opportunity to donate their dividends to a non-profit organization without paying capital tax on the sum. It is a win-win situation wherein your company can choose to allocate funds to Assyrians in need without incurring additional costs.

Corporate sponsors

There are many companies who have supported our cause over the years. Contact us to find out how your company, association or organization can become a valuable asset to Assyrians Without Borders and help those who need it the most. Click below to see our current corporate sponsors.

Corporate sponsors

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