Assyrians Without Borders holds a 90-Account, which guarantees that at least 75% of contributions received must go to charitable causes. We of course strive for as much as possible to go to our projects.

Assyrians Without Borders has continuous contact with our partners so that help reaches those affected. We also ensure this by having representatives from Assyrians Without Borders physically visit the project sites and follow up on the quality of the relief effort.

Assyrians Without Borders has a 90-Account, which serves as a guarantee for you as a donor that the donations we receive are used for the right purpose. In addition, there is a requirement that at least 75% of the money received must be spent on projects for people in need. This keeps administrative and other costs in-check.

In 2015, Assyrians Without Borders raised about 2.5 million SEK, which was a record collection. To see previous years’ totals, you can read here.

Assyrians Without Borders views it as a certainty to transparently report our work, both financially and operationally. Effectiveness, including cost-effectiveness, are key words in the work we do. Efforts on the ground are controlled and documented directly on-site. Assyrians Without Borders

Our work is based on partnerships where we, in agreement with various partners, plan and conduct our daily operations. This includes both global organizations and local associations that choose to cooperate with us to support our important work for Assyrians in need.

Some of our current partners include:

As a member of Assyrians Without Borders you are actively contributing to help Assyrians in need. Becoming a member is easy and only costs 100 SEK per year. Your membership helps us make a difference and raise awareness for the Assyrian people and their rights in their countries of origin.

You can send your payment of 100 SEK through PlusGiro 90 01 21-5 or Bankgiro 900-1215. Please write “Membership fee” in the message field and also include your social security number, name and address.

Thank you for your contribution! Unfortunately, this doesn’t automatically make you a member. You can apply for membership as stated above.

Assyrians Without Borders is a non-profit association and all are volunteers.

You can read about how we handle your personal data in our Privacy Policy.

Assyrians Without Borders owns the rights to the pictures on the website, if nothing else is stated.

You can contact us via email at or directly on our website by sending a message under “Contact”.

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Make a donation via Swish to: 123 900 12 15

*Please note that we cannot accept personalized messages or handle celebratory or memorial gifts through Swish. All contributions sent through Swish will be handled as a regular donation.

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* Please note that payments through PayPal incur administrative fees, which means that the full amount of your donation will not reach Assyrians Without Borders.


Bankgiro 900-1215
Plusgiro 90 01 21-5

IBAN SE65 9500 0099 6018 0900 1215.

Nordea Bank AB
SE-105 71 Stockholm

Payment forms can be found at the post office or your bank, or you can donate online via internet banking.