Integrity Policy

In this integrity policy, you can read about what personal data Assyrians Without Borders collects and how it is used. You can also take part in the technical and organisational protective measures we take to protect your integrity. For us, it is a given that you should be able to control the amount of personal data that is stored in our records.

What is personal data?

Personal data is information that can directly or indirectly be attributed to a living person, for example name, social security number, contact information and the size of a donation. Each action taken regarding personal data has a process.

Who the policy applies to

Anyone who:
– paid a membership fee
– donated to Assyrians Without Borders
– received aid funds in cases where personal data is stored
– is a holder of commission of trust in the organisation (e.g., board members, members of the consulting council, nomination committee, etc.)
– volunteers for, is employed by or serves as an accountant for Assyrians Without Borders

What does the policy regulate

This integrity policy regulates how Assyrians Without Borders collects and processes personal information for our activities, such as fundraising and charity projects. The policy also regulates the processing of personal data between Assyrians Without Borders and partners.


How we use the data

Our objective and purpose

Assyrians Without Borders stores only the personal data, sensitive or otherwise, necessary for our activities. Personal data may also be processed for further purposes than described in this privacy policy and if so, such purposes will be stated at the time of registration.

Aim and purposes for the use of data:
– to inform about our work and activities
– implementation of your donation
– to thank you for your donation and provide information about how the funds raised are used
– to communicate with you via our digital channels (email, SMS/MMS and our social media platforms) and telemarketing
– general and targeted fundraising campaigns with information on different ways to donate funds
– increase funding through inquiries for new donations, direct debit payments and inquiry to increase direct debit payment amounts
– generate fundraising statistics (the statistics are compiled at an aggregated level, without identifying individuals)
– analyse and group our donors according to selection, priority and preferences (so-called profiling) in order to be able to customise information, advertisements and offers for the future
– administer staff issues
– registration of new volunteers
– administer and maintain our donor registry
– send important information, for example updates on our terms and policies
– meet the requirements of the organisation imposed by the authorities and supervisory bodies


What information is collected


The personal data Assyrians Without Borders stores regarding members is based on the information which the member submits through the membership form or email. This can include name, address, email address, social security number, telephone number, paid membership fees and payment method.


Assyrians Without Borders processes personal data given through:
– a bank or PayPal transaction
– a Swish transaction (only possible in Sweden)
– a donation via SMS (only possible in Sweden)

Elected trustees

The personal information Assyrians Without Borders stores is usually contact information such as name, telephone number and email. For board members, additional information is needed as this is required for Assyrians Without Borders to be able to meet the Swedish Collection Control agency’s requirements. For example, Assyrians Without Borders needs to submit a credit report for each board member. This is classified as sensitive information and will be treated as such, meaning this type of personal data will not be stored after it has served its purpose.


The personal information processed about you as a volunteer is name, address, telephone number, email and other possible contact information. In rare cases, especially when traveling abroad to our areas of operation, we may list contact information for your relatives and information about your health. Health data may need to be provided for Assyrians Without Borders to be able to best meet our obligations as a contractor.


The personal information stored about you as an employee, in addition to contact information, consists of contact information of relatives and salary and bank account information. Assyrians Without Borders may also need to process sensitive personal information about you, such as information about your health. Health data may need to be provided for Assyrians Without to be able to best meet our obligations as an employer.

Partners and Contact People

The personal information we process about you as a partner and/or contact person connected to aid projects is your name, address, telephone number, email and possibly other contact details, if the context of the cooperation requires it.

Scholarship awardees

Assyrians Without Borders generally does not store any information or data on an individual level about the recipients of our aid projects. An exception is our scholarship awards; because the scholarship is granted on an individual level, certain information about the individual must be collected and registered. The processed personal data includes but is not limited to the following: names and social security numbers, contact information such as address, telephone number and email, contact information such as information about which university the applicant attends, courses and grades, letters of recommendation from the university, personal information such as background, interests and other information provided by the applicant, and account details for the payment of scholarship funds if a scholarship is awarded. All information stored is from the individual’s submitted scholarship application and correspondence with the scholarship committee.

Assyrier Utan Gränsers behandling av personuppgifter

Behandling av personuppgifter

Behandling av personuppgifter är allt som Assyrier Utan Gränser gör med personuppgifterna, såsom insamling, registrering, organisering, strukturering, lagring, bearbetning eller ändring, framtagning, läsning, användning, utlämning genom överföring, spridning eller tillhandahållande på annat sätt, justering eller sammanförande, begränsning, radering eller förstöring. All behandling av personuppgifter sker utifrån bestämmelserna i dataskyddsförordningen (GDPR).

Lagring av personuppgifter

Assyrier Utan Gränser har vidtagit lämpliga tekniska och organisatoriska åtgärder för att skydda personuppgifter mot förlust, missbruk, obehörig åtkomst, avslöjande, ändring och förstörelse. För att säkerställa att personuppgifter behandlas på ett säkert och konfidentiellt sätt använder vi oss av IT- verktyg som är intrångsskyddade enligt branschstandard. Assyrier Utan Gränsers volontärer och anställda är bundna att följa Assyrier Utan Gränsers regler för informations- och it-säkerhet, denna integritetspolicy och andra interna föreskrifter som ytterligare reglerar behandlingen av personuppgifter.

Vem kan vi komma att dela dina personuppgifter med internt?

Som huvudregel, avseende intern delning, görs de flesta känsliga personuppgifter tillgängliga endast för ordföranden och personer verksamma inom Insamlings- och Ekonomigruppen samt it-ansvariga då detta kan vara en förutsättning vid underhåll och utveckling. Delning av alla typer av personuppgifter mellan sektioner förekommer vid t.ex. utskick, kampanjer eller andra verksamhetsrelaterade aktiviteter. En förutsättning för delning av personuppgifter mellan sektioner är dock att den företas i enlighet med denna integritetspolicy, andra interna policys och relevant personuppgiftslagstiftning.

Vem kan vi komma att dela dina personuppgifter med externt?

Assyrier Utan Gränsers externa revisorer kan komma att tilldelas åtkomst till personuppgifter om deras oberoende granskning så kräver. Personuppgifter kan komma att delas till Svensk insamlingskontroll vid en eventuell granskning.

Assyrier Utan Gränser kommer inte sälja, lämna ut eller sprida personuppgifter till tredje part, med undantag för vad som anges i denna integritetspolicy. Assyrier Utan Gränser kommer dock i möjligaste mån försöka undvika att lämna ut dina personuppgifter till annan tredje part, till exempel för teknisk support, drift av it-system, externa testföretag eller leverantörer som hanterar it-support för vår räkning.

Vidare kan vi lämna ut personuppgifter om vi är skyldiga till det enligt gällande lag, domstolsbeslut eller om sådant utlämnande annars är nödvändigt för att medverka till en rättslig utredning. För det fall Assyrier Utan Gränser omfattas av en omorganisation eller sammanslagning kan vi överföra personuppgifter till den relevanta tredje parten, förutsatt att den tredje parten åtar sig att behandla personuppgifterna i enlighet med denna integritetspolicy.

Assyrier Utan Gränser som personuppgiftsbiträde

Assyrier Utan Gränser är personuppgiftsansvarig för Assyrier Utan Gränsers personuppgifter men det kan förekomma situationer där Assyrier Utan Gränser inte är personuppgiftsansvarig utan enbart ett personuppgiftsbiträde åt tredje man. När Assyrier Utan Gränser behandlar personuppgifter som ett personuppgiftsbiträde sker det på uppdrag av tredje man och Assyrier Utan Gränser är då bundet av de instruktioner som Assyrier Utan Gränser fått av den personuppgiftsansvarige. I dessa situationer kan Assyrier Utan Gränser inte garantera att sådan behandling kommer att ske i enlighet med denna
integritetspolicy men Assyrier Utan Gränser kommer alltid säkerställa att behandling sker i enlighet med tillämplig lagstiftning och i möjligaste mån.

Your rights

Right to access
You are always within your rights to demand information in regards to how and why and to what extent your personal data is stored by Assyrians Without Borders free of charge. You have the right to know how your personal data is used, why it is processed, during what time this information is processed, who is taking part in this and what the result of the processing is. For further information on how to practice your rights, you can find our contact information below.

Right to correction
Assyrians Without Borders is responsible for the accuracy of the data we process, but you as a donor, or as someone who has been in contact with us in other ways, also have the right to add information that is relevant or may be missing. If you find incorrect information in regards to yourself, you have the right to request it to be corrected.

Right to deletion
You have the right to the deletion of your personal data. Please note that if you are a board member, alternate, authorized signatory or auditor, deletion means that you no longer can withhold your position.

Right to restriction
You have the right to request a temporary restriction on the processing of your personal data. The processing can be limited in the following situations:
– When you believe your data is incorrect and you have requested that we correct it. You can then request that the processing of your data be limited as we investigate.
– When the data processing is illegal, but you oppose deleting your data and instead request that the use of these data be restricted.
– When you need your data to be able to establish, enforce or defend legal claims, even though we no longer need your data for the purposes of our processing.
– If the processing of your data is temporarily restricted, we will notify those to whom we have disclosed it that this temporary restriction has taken place. However, this does not apply if it would prove impossible or involve an overly burdensome effort for Assyrians Without Borders.

Right to data portability
You have the right to obtain such data (in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format) that you yourself have provided to us for the use of it elsewhere. However, you are not entitled to move your personal information if we process it due to a balance of interests or obligation under law.

Reporting of infringement (complaint)
If you are dissatisfied with our processing, you can submit a complaint to the Swedish Data Protection Authority:
Box 8114
104 20 Stockholm


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What do we use the information for?

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Your rights regarding your data

If you have an account or have posted any comments on this website, you may request an export file containing the personal information we have about you, including all information you have provided to us. You can also request that we delete all the personal data that we have but note that this will not apply to any information that needs to be saved for administrative, legal or security purposes.


Assyrians Without Borders is the responsible party for personal data collected and processed in accordance with this policy. If you have questions about Assyrians Without Borders’ treatment of personal data or would like to request a transcript, please contact us in one of the following ways:

Postal address:
Assyrier Utan Gränser
Box 77
145 01 Norsborg