Senaste nytt från Syrien – En av Assyrier Utan Gränsers kontaktpersoner anhållen i Syrien

Breaking News: Ahikar Isa from Assyrians Without Borders’ partner organisation in Syria arrested on no legal ground!

Ahikar Isa from Syria Mother Youth Caucus got arresterad yesterday February 18th on no grounds in Derik, Malkiye together with Father Gabriel from the Syrian Orthodox Church of Bab Tuma, Damaskus during a peaceful meeting concerning the future of the assyrian community in Syria.

The two men met to discuss humanitarian solutions to the current crisis and devastating emigration of the assyrian community when the kurdish Asayish forces, currently in control of the area, stormed in and arrested them. Shortly thereafter two young assyrian men were also arrested for resisting and accusing Asayish to have arrested Father Gabriel and Ahikar Isa based on no legal grounds. These young men in their 20’s, Georgis Shammas and Ala Abdulahad are still under arrest.

Thanks to pressure from different organisations and Father Gabriel’s contacts Ahikar Isa and Father Gabriel were released after 8 hours of illegal emprisonment and treatment. We demand the release of the two young men and condemn this human right violation.