Give the refugees the opportunity for a life in health – support the medical assistance of Assyrians without Borders!

A year has passed since hundreds of thousands of people were driven away from their homes in the Nineveh plains and Mosul by ISIS, and whole towns and villages were purged of their Assyrian, original inhabitants (also called Syriacs and Chaldeans).

A whole nation is currently living under exceedingly difficult circumstances in the refugee camps of northern Iraq, awaiting an uncertain future.

Following a very harsh winter in freezing tents and pouring rain, the health status is alarming. Women, children and the elderly suffer most under the difficult sanitary conditions and the need for medical assistance is very large.

Assyrians without Borders has therefore decided as its next large project to finance a  mobile medical team which will provide the over 8500 refugee families in Nohadra (Dohuk) and the surrounding areas with health care and medicines. The team will consist of a doctor, a nurse and a driver. Both doctors and nurses who will work in the team are from Iraq, and in some cases refugees themselves. They will visit the villages 2-3 times a week and then compile their work.

This is a pilot project which will run for 6 months. However, the intention is then to prolong the project for at least one year.

To be able to cover the cost of this project – salaries, car, medicine and medical equipment – Assyrians Without Borders depends solely on YOUR CONTRIBUTION.

In order to be able to work long-term with refugee health in the camps and guarantee that we have the uninterrupted means to offer continuous access to doctors, we would like to  urge our donors to sign up for a monthly contribution – every repeated gift helps, regardless of the amount.

The refugee disaster in the Middle East is the greatest humanitarian tragedy of our times. Show your solidarity with the victims of ethnic cleansing and give them the chance to a life in health by supporting the medical assistance of Assyrians Without Borders.



 (This project is owned only by the Assyrians Without Borders and
   has nothing to do with MSF 's work in Iraq)