Två stipendiater

En av Assyrier Utan Gränsers främsta målsättningar är att hjälpa unga assyrier att själva förbättra sin framtid och sina levnadsförhållanden i ursprungsländerna. Ett av de effektivaste sätten är att bevilja studenter ekonomiska medel till universitetsstudier. Assyrier Utan Gränser vill visa dels för nuvarande studenter att det finns någon som kan stödja dem i deras strävan mot examensdiplomet, dels att man frambringar hopp till de assyrier som ställer sig tveksamma till universitetsstudier på grund av rädsla att inte ha råd.

Det som är glädjande år 2014 är att fyra studenter i Syrien har trots de svåra förhållandena pga. kriget valt att studera på annan ort för att bli klara med sina studier. Här är intervjuer med stipendiaterna Nissan Lazar Lazar och Sharokina Oshana Moshe. Intervjuerna har genomförts på engelska.

Tell us about you, where you live in Syria, your family etc

My name is Nissan Lazar Lazar. I’m born in 1990 in Syria, Al Hasakah. I currently live in Lattakia for my studies. I have two brothers older than me and they both stay in Lebanon with my mother due to bad situation in Al Hasakeh they were forced to go there. My father passed away six years ago.

My name is Sharokina Oshana Moshe and born in 1989. I live in Al Hassaka city, Syria, but for the studies in Lattakia

Where and what are you studying? How many years have you study?

Nissan: I study economics. I am a student in Aleppo but the war there didn’t let me continue my studies so I lost a year without studying but then the High Ministry of Education granted the students of the university of Aleppo permission to continue studying in other universities in Syria and I choose Tishreen university in Lattakia. I am now in my graduation year.

Sharokina: I have graduated from Aleppo university/faculty of economics department of business administration and now I’m doing master in marketing in Tishreen university.

How did you get informed of Assyrian Without Borders scholarships and why did you apply? Was it hard to apply and was it difficult to follow Assyrian Without Borders rules?

Nissan: The situation here got so bad specially the living and the rental of a house in Lattakia because it’s the only city in Syria where the refugees came to in big numbers. And also the inflation of the economy made the money weak to buy living supplies also effected the rental cost of a house. A friend of mine who lives in Sweden suggested to me to apply to your honorable organization for an aid. I had some problems in the condition of showing papers like receipts because there are few who use receipts so it was hard a little bet to get such paper here in Syria specially in such time. But the applying was easy and everything was clear to me.

Sharokina: I heard about the scholarship from a friend living in Sweden now. He told me about Assyrian Without Borders and its activities. There was a difficulty in following the rules of the organization because of the difficulty of having the required cash bills and papers.

In what way did the scholarship help you?

Nissan: The aid was so helpful for me because it made me mentally feel that there is Assyrians who look after me and made me more optimist about the future and continue my study in more enthusiastic moral. I want to thank all the board of the Assyrians Without Borders for the help, your help won’t be forgotton.

Sharokina: This scholarship has helped me to cover part of the daily pocket money in addition to cover the costs of residence for a period of five months.

Assyrians Without Borders wish you both good look.