Utdelning av skolmaterial till barn i Syrien

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Tack vare Era gåvor har Assyrier Utan Gränser, med hjälp av sin lokala samarbetspartner Syria Mother Youth Caucus, i dagarna delat ut skolmaterial till 100 skolbarn i Qamishli, Syrien.

Varje barn fick en skolväska innehållande pennor, färgpennor, suddgummi, pennvässare, skrivhäften och målarböcker samt en vattenflaska.

Tack för Din gåva. Tillsammans kan vi göra skillnad!

This month, Assyrians Without Borders was able to help Syria Mother Youth Caucus hand out school supplies to 100 young students in Kamishly, Syria.The aims of the project were to help the families most affected by internal displacement and loss of employment due to the ongoing war, as well as make the kids happy and look forward to starting a new school year!

The supplies included a school bag, stationary (pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners and notebooks), as well as fun items like drawing books, colored pencils and cartoon character water bottles.

We are so happy to see the smiles of our children upon receiving their gifts that we were able to provide with your donations!