Announcement of scholarships for the 2020-21 school year.

Assyrians Without Borders hereby announces university scholarships for Assyrian students in Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and Iran.

** We have made changes to the application process to make it simpler and more efficient! One of the biggest changes is that scholarships will now be announced only once and apply for the whole school year. We have also removed unnecessary requirements and added the option to include a video in Assyrian to your application! **

Submission deadline is the 31st of August 2020.

In addition to the instruction found in the application, please read the addtional information below to help us make the process more efficient:

1. Scholarships will be announced once a year, before the Fall semester

2. Make sure to download the current application and update your answers if you’ve applied before

3. Describe why you deserve to be awarded this scholarship in Assyrian in a 1-2 min video (optional)

4. Label each attachment, for example “Application”, “Proof of Admission”, etc.

5. Your bank account, that of a family member of the same household and Western Union are possible ways to receive the scholarship funds

6. Make sure all documents are attached and send in one email

7. If you know your university can’t provide a certain document in time, tell us early

8. Keep all communication on same email thread

Click here to read more and apply.