Distribution to displaced families from Khabour in Hassake

Our partners on the ground distribute gas bottles to displaced families in cooperation with Assyrians Without Borders thanks to your generous donations. These are the first pictures from our relief action while a distribution of food, medicin, hygiene products and fuel for house heating is on unfolding. Keep following us to see where your donations go.

To keep supporting the refugees of Khabour please donate in Sweden:

Bankgiro: 900-1215
PlusGiro: 90 01 21-5

or via SMS (only possibly with Swedish cellphonecards):
– aug 50 (to donate 50 SEK)
– aug 100 (to donate 100 SEK)
– aug 200 (to donate 200 SEK)
– aug 300 (to donate 300 SEK)
– aug 400 (to donate 400 SEK)
– aug 500 (to donate 500 SEK)

Outside of Sweden, please send your donation via:

SWIFT to our IBAN SE65 9500 0099 6018 0900 1215 with Nordea bank AB, SE-105 71 Stockholm, BIC address NDEASESS.


Pictures from Assyria Foundation for Relief and Development who distribute gas bottles