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Khabour updated 2015-02-24, 18:45:

At least 320 families are reported displaced in Hassake and 200 in Qamishli. Our partner organisations Assyria Foundation for Relief and Development and Syria Mother Youth Caucus have built a coalition together with Tajama’ al Madani al Masihi to meet the urgent needs of the displaced families of Khabour. The coalition works together with the bus companies Al Rafedein, Izla Tours and Ashur Travels to transport refugee families from Khabour to Hassake and Qamishli. Approximately 30 families have taken refuge in the Assyrian Church of the East’s diocese in Hassake while the rest of the families have been placed in empty houses by the coalition.The families that have been taken in by our partners have received food, water and shelters.

Heaters are currently being distributed with the support of Assyrians Without Borders but the number of displaced families and the need for relief keeps on increasing.

The number of families trapped in the village of Tel Shamiram is 45. 3 women and 9 men are captured in Tel Hermez and 23 individuals in Tel Goran. Their faith is still unknown.

Our partners report that the fighting in Khabour is on hold for the moment but have now confirmed the passing of three Assyrian defenders. At this point, the Kurdish forces are only present in Tel Tamer alongside 110 Assyrian fighters. 10 villages in southern Khabour are under ISIS control. Khabour consists of 34 villages. Women and children from the besieged villages have been deported to Hassake and Qamishli. Many men have stayed to defend their lands and the rest of the villages. Our partners work around the clock to take the rest of Khabour’s villages’ women and children to safety. Assyrians Without Borders is currently working together with the coalition to meet the urgent needs of the displaced families.

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Pictures from the first refugee flow to Qamishli