The Assyrians in Khabour – latest news 18:15

Khabour update 18:15:

We are sad to inform that the 23 individuals that were released from Tel Goran more than three hours ago still haven’t reached Hassake. Our partners fear that ISIS has abducted them once more and taken them some unknown place. They were taken out of the village and were supposed to be driven to Hassake which is only 15 km away. Their faith is unknown to our partners, we will update as we get more information.

We can also confirm that the village of Tel Jazire has also been under siege. 92 persons were a few hours ago forced out of their homes that then were burnt down by ISIS. One man that refused to leave his home was burnt alive. We do not know where the 92 individuals were taken but our partners suspect that they were taken to Shedade, a town 110 km away from Tel Shamiram. Our partners suspect that the women and children are abducted while all men are judged in front of an ISIS court and then sentenced. We do not know yet if anyone has received a so called sentence but we know that women and men have been separated.

We can also confirm from direct testimonies that the women of Tel Shamiram have been taken to the mountains and the men abducted, probably to be driven to Shedade too. The shooting stopped today in Tel Shamiram but witnesses have seen ISIS cars driving in and out of the village all day.