Mosul and the Ninveveh plains – Update: 2014-07-01

The Kurdish forces and ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) clashed together in Baghdeda, Nineveh plains, last week in an attempt from the Islamist group to take control of the land. The clash spread fear in the Assyrian cities of Baghdeda and Karemlesh and caused thousands of Assyrian families to flee their homes.

Our partners assess that approximately 60 000 persons fled the Assyrian city of Baghdeda as it was subjected to bombings. Baghdeda was almost totally emptied following the events and the fighting continued during more than 48 hours straight. More than 1500 families fled to Erbil and Ankawa and more than 2000 families have been registered as internally displaced people (IDPs) in the Nineveh plains and Nohadra (Dohuk). Others are still unregistered and are in an even greater need of international support. A large majority of these IDPs are Assyrians.

As Assyrians Without Borders feared, the humanitarian crisis has reached the Nineveh plains. The thousands of displaced families are more than ever in urgent need of humanitarian support as there is a shortage of water, gas, electricity and other basic need. Inflation is also affecting the lives of all. The Assyrian cities of Baghdeda, Karemlesh, Bartela and the area around the Assyrian monastery of Mar Mate are mostly affected by the same shortage of life necessities. The displaced Assyrians are also suffering from not having one safe destination to flee to, they have moved around as the armed clashes have expanded and they are in urgent need of support from the international community including the UN. The exodus of the Assyrians of Iraq, the indigenous people of the land, must be addressed internationally and a solution must be found at this very critical moment. An appeal must immediately be sent to the conflicting parties to stop the fighting and allow families to return to their homes.

Assyrians Without Borders’ partners have supported the displaced people by housing as many as 38 families them in their office building in Nohadra and implementing relief programs in different areas including the Nineveh plains, Ankawa and Nohadra.

Assyrians Without Borders is working with its partners AASI to best and most effectively reach the Assyrian IDPs.

The following is an update of the numbers of IDPs that fled Baghdeda and Karemlesh to Nohadra (Dohuk) and different villages or cities in the Nineveh Plains. A majority of them are Assyrians:

1- Araden: 40 families

2- Koregavana: 1 family

4- Romtha: 15 families

5- Enishke: 18 families

6- Badarish: 36 families

7- Mangesh: 10 families

8- Zakho and surrounded villages: 200 families

9- Hizarjot and Aqra: 110 families

10- Mallabarwan: 80 families

11- Banasor and Nohawa: 160 families

12- Sorka: 20 families

13- Nohadra (Duhok) city center: 110 families

14- Shekhan: 110 families

15- Tin: 4 families

16- Dawodiya: 5 families

17- Sheiz: 16 families

18- Batnaye: 60 families

19- Alqosh: 400 families

20- Blejane: 3 families

21- Babad: 5 families

22- Kane balave: 2 families

23- Nahla: 50 families

24- Aqra complex: 40 families

25- Sheladize: 4 families

26- Bakhitme: 3 families

27- Semel: 50 families

28- Bindwaye: 50 families

29- Sharafiya: 19 families

30- Syriac Orthodox Church in Nohadra: 185 families

31- Karanjok, Pirozawa and Ein biqri: 105 families

32- Tellisqof: 50 families

33- Ba’shiqa and Bahzani: 300 families

Total: (2,293) families

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